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SoliDoser Delivery Device

SolidTech's proprietary SoliDose technology makes it easier to administer vaccines to cattle. Vaccinate chute-side using our innovative SoliDoser implant system to deliver dual-dose vaccines safely and conveniently, in a SINGLE HANDLING.

SolidTech SoliDose SoliDoser

SoliDoser Advantages

  • Fully-automatic dose advancement.

  • Easy-to-load, 10-dose clip.

  • Durable and lightweight for long-term use.

  • Slim-line design with balanced grip for easier subcutaneous application in the neck or base of the ear.

  • Small-gauge needle reduces trauma to the neck or ear site and is easier to insert.

  • Doses are pre-measured so there’s no inaccurate dosing, waste, or spillage.

  • Product is in SoliDose form, so no product mixing or frequent bottle-shaking is required.

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