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SolidBac® Pinkeye IR/PR

Herd-Specific Vaccines

SoliDose Vaccine Benefits

SolidTech SoliDose SoliDoser Heard Specific

Herd-Specific Vaccine Approved States

Work directly with our team to design and implement a precisely targeted and formulated vaccination system tailored to suit the needs of your herd.

  • One trip through the chute: initial and booster doses given at the same time.

  • Less labor cost and minimal stress on the animal.


  • Pre-measured doses are ready-to-use, so no mixing, vaccine waste, or
    contaminated partial bottles.


  • Tissue-friendly and BQA compliant – low subcutaneous dose in the neck or base of the ear.


  • Small needle diameter means less injection site trauma.


  • Safer: consistently low free endotoxin.

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