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A product in today’s business environment must save time or money to offer real value. SolidTech's innovative and patented vaccination system saves both.


SolidTech's proprietary SoliDose® technology offers a choice for administering vaccines to cattle. Vaccinating chute-side using our innovative SoliDoser® implant system enables you to deliver dual-dose vaccines safely and conveniently – in a SINGLE HANDLING. IR/PR® (Immediate Release/Programmed Release) pellets provide both primary and booster doses that are implanted simultaneously. You only handle animals ONCE – meaning less stress on the cattle, less labor cost and more profit for you!

SolidTech manufactures color-coded, timed-release vaccines in its USDA-licensed facility located in Newcastle, Oklahoma. Our new M-Coat® technology also provides a moisture barrier film that delays hydration until implanted into the animal, ensuring the pellets pass smoothly through the SoliDoser.

This is a cost-effective, time-saving herd health management tool that shoots directly to your bottom line offering you a solid foundation for protecting your cattle through effective disease control. You know two doses are better than one…Why not give them both at the same time?

Our commitment to providing high quality products and service
to our customers continue in the SolidTech tradition.


Remember...SolidTech delivers!

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