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SolidBac® Pinkeye IR/PR

SolidBac  Pinkeye IR/PR 


SolidBac Pinkeye IR/PR makes vaccination against pinkeye caused by Moraxella bovis an easy, one-step process. We deliver two antigen pellets simultaneously – an Immediate Release (IR) pellet and a Programmed Release (PR) pellet using the SoliDoser applicator.

SolidTech SolidBac Pinkeye IR/PR


  • Aids in the prevention and control of pinkeye (infectious bovine keratoconjunctivitis) caused by Moraxella bovis with just one application.

  • Broad-spectrum: Contains 8 isolates of the pinkeye-causing Moraxella bovis bacteria.​

  • Each 10-dose clip contains a color-coded, dual-dose pelleted product. 

  • Initial and booster doses are administered at the same time, resulting in less labor and reduced animal stress.

  • Doses are pre-measured so there’s no inaccurate dosing, waste, or spillage.

  • Optional injection site locations: Subcutaneous in the neck or in the base of the ear.

Implant Advantages

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